PROBLEM: Tight-market Product Launch (on an even tighter budget)

SOLUTION: Slam Dunk PR with an NBA Legend.

The Transplant Foundation, Inc. knew that specialty license plates were a hard sell when they approached Seitz to design their own plate promoting organ transplants. With 109 specialty tags already available in Florida touting everything from panthers to paratroopers, the market was decidedly cluttered. A limited budget only added to the challenge. But, as we’ve learned, if you can’t outspend the competition, you’d better outthink them!

That thinking led us to Alonzo Mourning, NBA star and the grateful recipient of a career restoring kidney transplant. “Zo” graciously agreed to be the spokesperson for the “Donate organs. Pass it on” specialty license plate in Florida. At 6’10”, the Miami Heat center certainly dominated the eye-catching counter cards, brochures and posters we created for license plate renewal centers and hospitals throughout the state.

Ads featured Mourning surrounded by children who had received life-giving transplants. A highly targeted direct mail program reached Florida drivers as they approached their tag renewal date, urging them to “buy a plate and save lives.” Likewise, a personal e-mail from Alonzo reached everyone in the state who had experienced heart, kidney or liver disease

Recognizing the incredible star power that the seven-time All-Star center brought to the effort, we were able to generate substantial awareness (and PR value) through a series of high profile events – from the license plate approval ceremony at Governor Jeb Bush’s office to a kick-off press conference at the American Airlines Arena. In a particularly poignant moment, organ recipients and their families were able to meet with families whose deceased loved-ones had made organs available for transplant.

RESULTS: In just two years, more than 2,000 plates were sold, allowing the Transplant Foundation to increase organ donor awareness while funding research, patient services and education.