When you’re in business, every day seems to bring new ones.

  • How to find new customers… or keep loyal ones.
  • How to bring a new product to market… or find new markets for established ones.
  • How to build traffic, convert leads and sell more… and do it all cost-effectively.

The good news is that whether it’s a complication, challenge or a true can of worms, Seitz has the solutions. For more than 20 years, we’ve applied cutting edge thinking and out-of-the-box creativity to the challenges businesses face. Solutions that have helped a veritable who’s-who of clients with an unbeatable mix of impactful advertising, attention-grabbing promotions and powerful public relations.

The best solutions happen when strategic planning meets bold, creative thinking… and when the right creative approach is carefully executed.

SOLUTIONS (and the power of the magic mix)

At Seitz, this involves elements of both high-impact advertising and well-thought-out promotions and public relations. That’s our magic mix. And it’s all coordinated by a team of seasoned professionals. Heavy hitters in Media, Public Relations, Account Service and Creative. Best of all, those great ideas and sound solutions don’t have to come at the expense of big-agency retainers and heavy markup. As a full-service agency, we enjoy efficiencies that we pass on to our clients. And we can do it all – from client input to delivery of a printed piece or website.

We’re also extremely proud of the fact that our largest source of new business is by referral from a host of satisfied clients. Contact us to find out why!